Transgender Community Of Pakistan - They Can Lead A Normal Life Too

Translating Transgender Community Of Pakistan – They Can Lead A Normal Life Too

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One of my friends in our class of masters talked about two of his friends who were transgenders. He told us that initially, their families supported them to study and build a career for themselves so that they can be a part and contribute to the society.

Later on their families stopped supporting them because they became a symbol of shame for them knowing that their child or son was a “trans” which in turn discouraged the two boys to such an extent that they decided to stay home, discontinuing their studies and to stop dreaming of having a normal life and attain a place in the society.

This issue of the transgender has to be looked upon very seriously and objectively as well. Science has proved that this is a medical problem. It is not said to be a third gender, this is known to be a disease. In reality, there is no third gender. There are only two genders i.e., male and female. Other than these two genders if there exist a, said to be the third gender, then it is known as a genetic defect.

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This defect can be easily removed with the help of latest technologies and the person’s gender can be specified either male or female. Science has developed a proper field which diagnoses that the person suffering with it, the inclination of the person’s body is either more feminine or masculine and on the basis of the organs.

The specific gender is assigned, after proper examination, towards which the body is more inclined with the help of surgeries. This is not an issue but we have made it a big deal, specifically West is, therefore, discussing it a lot. A person born with female body parts and has a mind and thinking as that of a male, this has all been created by the West and we are following it blindly, without giving much thought to it.

This started off from the Arabs where in old times the Arab Kings used to keep people with such defects as their slaves or as people to guard their palace. This advantaged them in a sense that their women were safe and protected. This was the need back then which encouraged the trans and thus they have now formed a community systematically.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

The right to vote, a separate identity, the right to get educated, all are correct and should be the right of every living person on this planet. Similarly, they should also be able to specify their genders and to shift in the more inclined gender. Why do they have to live a double life like when they have the option to get a defined and specified gender?

Who has forced them to live like this when there have been immense developments in science? If a child is born with such defect, he/she can be addressed if we see the whole scenario objectively. If it is said that the child has female body parts but has a thinking of a male, then there are many psychological treatments as well to get through the gender confusion.

As being a Muslim and with regard to our religion as I have studied and read about Islam, I was amazed after much research on this topic with respect to my religion as well as other religions, there is no concept of a third gender neither in Islam nor in any other religion as I have studied, I might be wrong. If there would have been a third gender was it possible that Islam would have stayed quiet about it and never had it mentioned in the Holy Quran?

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Was it possible Islam would have never talked about their rights if the third gender existed? Islam might have talked about their property rights like it discusses inheritance and rights of women, but it never did because of the non-existence of the third gender. After much thinking and research that I have done, it comes to me that this is not an issue rather it has been made one by us and our society.

Islam has always talked about man and woman only. Instead, it has been said clearly in Islam that men should not wear clothes that women do and likewise for women. Rather Islam clearly forbids such activities.

The human mind is the most powerful and the strongest organ of human body. Whatever you understand or start believing in, your mind will prepare your body accordingly. The mind has great effects on the body. Being a boy and talking like a girl has a great relation with the human mind. Therefore, this defect has close relations with the human psychology as well. West has developed to an extent that it can transform a person into a totally new gender. The word transgender says it all transformation of genders, shifting from one gender to the other.

The NGO’S working in this regard should rather start raising funds to get these people educated enough be specifying one gender for themselves and those who have made up their minds regarding a specific gender should be operated with the collected funds in order to make them a part of our society rather than harassing them publicly.

No offense to people going through this phase, these are just personal views shared to you all. Hoping for this to be of some help.

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