Transgenders – So Much More Than Just Claps And Dances!


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Cast out, marginalized and even murdered, transgender people in Pakistan rely on their wits to survive. The country is conservative and deeply religious and homosexuality is illegal; but it has nonetheless ignited a few brave souls who think otherwise. There are some talented and hardworking souls who are making their way through this pitiless society

Aisha-whose name means Alive and Well


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Aisha made sure despite all the arduous circumstances to conquer these challenges which the society bestowed upon her and crawled out of this never-ending tunnel, staying true to her name.

Aisha always had a good career path by working in tons of organizations. From teaching in Global College and Quaid e Azam University to working in a security company in the finance department. Currently, she is a member of the Ministry of Human Rights and is the first transgender working as a resource for the department.

Bubli Malik is the pioneer of Wajood Pakistan, an NGO formed in 2017 to promote gender rights.


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A very strong and high on motivation Malik wanted to prove to the society that transgender persons are as capable as a normal human; provided they are given equal opportunities.

“I wanted to make it clear that we are more than what people see. We are more than just claps and dances,” Malik said.

Maya Zaman, a very fun-loving human being, is a fashion designer in Islamabad.

She recently opened her own brand by the name of “Surkhabi” which she defines as “valuable’. It was her dream to launch a fashion line as she was into good clothes since childhood. She admits that Surkhabi was not possible without her friends and family’s moral support.


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Her aim was also to stop body shaming as she too went through that torture. Zaman has been through body-shaming since childhood because of her heavy weight. Keeping in mind all the bullying and body shaming she has suffered; she hires ladies with different body sizes for her brand’s photoshoot to promote body positivity and love!

Natasha started off with her education which shows her love towards a better future.

She explained how it was very difficult for her to complete her intermediate with no support. Later, with a lot of hard work, she managed to complete her diploma in hotel management. Things did not work out for her as she wanted to study abroad but later she got selected in NADRA on merit which is a big success for Natasha.

Her experience in NADRA is astoundingly great. Everyone is supportive, caring and professional.

“Nothing was ever easy, failed, rejected, harassed but still managed to live a happy and satisfied life as “where there is a will there is a way,” says Natasha.

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