WATCH: This Transgender Is Showing Mirror To Our So-Called Muslim Society

transgender about sects

A new episode of The Centrum Media Originals that has recently surfaced on social media platforms showcases a thoughtful reality of our society. Presently, Muslims are bifurcated in multiple sects and have lost the pathway of one true deen – Islam. In this scenario, a transgender has logically commented on sects and religious principles and with capitalist and class-based society we live in.

There are no sects among Transgenders

“You people say (transgenders) are non-religious people,” said a transgender during an interview in the series of TCM.

She then asked a reporter, “Have you ever seen a sect in us? Have you ever hear Shia transgenders live separately and Sunni transgender live separately and Wahabi transgenders live separately and the Christian transgender live separately? You have heard that all transgenders live together and if you ask about their religion they will say that they all are Muslims. If you ask further they will still say they all are Muslims and there are no different types of Muslims these are the people whom you ask, if they know about religion?”

Do you Know? Being A Muslim, Dividing Yourself Into Sects Is Un-Islamic

The transgender then advised scholars and said, “Before teaching us religion, they should first think that they are divided in sects; and the ones who are living together they question them that why don’t you have any sect.and why arent you are divided in sects?”

“In our society, first people are divided in sects and then they are divided on the basis of rich and poor. One is rich Shia and another one is a poor Shia, one is rich Sunni and another one is a poor Sunni. Similarly, one Wahabi is poor and another is rich. So, first, we are divided on the basis of poor and rich than rich people suppressed the poor.

They make them their slaves; then because of the fear that the poor people might get united so they use sects to divide and rule them. So, they (poor people ) keep fighting each other. While the big guns don’t kill each other. Rather they do ‘dialogue’ and meetings, to solve their problems with mutual consensus. While the poor people who are in slavery keep fighting with each other and keep killing the people of opposing sects, saying don’t consider them human beings and don’t let them live.”

Source: Facebook

Comparison of animals with humans

“So, if from this planet everyone does this then who is going to be left here to live?”, asked the transgender. She added, “If you observe the animals in groups as Allah has said that ‘there are signs everywhere for those who have the vision to observe’ so, if we look around towards animals, instinctively they live in groups. Have you ever seen them fighting with each other due to their sects? Have you ever seen a dog killing another one? Or a dog is saying another one that I am richer than you? Or even saying that I am taller than you? They all live together in groups. Thus, the reason to tell this all is that species live in a group; so human species should have lived in a group too.”

In a nutshell, the transgender draw the real picture of this society. She explicitly explained the scenario and his philosophical thoughts. Besides, the intellectual transgender advised the society and religious scholars. Moreover, she gave all his analyses based upon reasons; talked more efficiently than most of the eminent scholars.


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