Good News As Transgender Community Gains Another Step in Recognition!

For decades we have looked down on them. For decades we have mistreated them. For decades we have treated them like unequal, and reduced them to begging and other extremely uncivilized activities. However, only recently people have started realizing their need for equality in society. The topic under discussion is of Pakistan’s transgender community. It is of utmost importance that our transgender community should gain as much recognition as they receive in developed parts of the world such that they are considered to be normal people.

On Monday (January 9, 2017) the Lahore High Court announced that the transgender community of the country should be included in the national population census. The details include that a separate box should be allotted for transgender in the registration forms for CNIC (national identity card). This all happened under a hearing for a petition against non-inclusion of members of the transgender community.


It necessary as human beings that we all safeguard each other’s rights, no matter if we are male, female, or transgender. Accordingly, representatives of the ministry of population welfare and deputy attorney general both assured the judge that in the forthcoming census, transgender community will be recognized.


The last census done was in 1998 and although a census should be done after every 10 years, due to politics and other major factors it has not been made possible.

It is a gradual change towards a better tomorrow as we work towards providing a better life for every Pakistani. Instead of judging people because of what society has indoctrinated in us, we should work towards achieving an absolute perspective of life and society. A society where from plants to humans to animals, everyone is respected and treated as equals. No more beating up of weak communities as they struggle to make a name for themselves. No more feeling of superiority over others and treating them the way your ego seems fit. It is about time we take a step towards helping out each other. It is a gradual process for the transgender community and it will not stop midway, it will go all the way.

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