Transgender and Globalization: The Unaccepted Truth

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Imagine, for a moment that you were born, just like any other human was, out of your mother’s womb and into the vast and wild world. Envision, that you were born as something you never wanted to be, something you didn’t have a decision for, something you were born with and will eternally be a part of you.

Now imagine being scorned, mistreated, brutally killed, mercilessly disgraced and looked upon as a sign of filth. Feeling powerless, YES? This is what these people feel, every single day.

There are approximately 500,000 ‘third-gender’ nationals in our country and it was just in 2012 that this group was given a couple of lawful rights. Be that as it may, regrettably, they are just ensured on paper. Every day a transgender baby is given away mercilessly. What we, as a whole, don’t comprehend is that not complying with our sexual orientation marks does not imply that individual is by one means or another peeled off of any ability, expertise and the capability to think and work. What we have to acknowledge is that they are people; they additionally merit a typical life.


Source: The Express Tribune Blog

These are some truly grave issues that individuals are thinking about, particularly in light of the fact that it is hard to disclose things to individuals driven for the most part by deception and absence of information. This frequently prompts to social prohibition and denies group individuals from an opportunity to lead better lives.

Be that as it may, the individuals who are focused on making a change and battling shame on the planet appear to do their best to improve it. Take for example Pakistan’s first transperson and trans individuals’ rights activist to have turned into an effective trans model who recently did a photoshoot. She looked stunning.


Source: English News

Just like that mosque for transgender community are being built where they would be able to offer their prayers without being mocked. Likewise, in 2012 National Identity Cards were issued to the transgender community where they were considered as the ‘third gender’. Jobs are being provided. A scholarship program has been started for those individuals who couldn’t continue their education.

If given a chance, transgender community can bring a change to our society. If we accept and educate them, would there be a need of them going place to place, dancing or begging? We all know these castrated men were appointed as guards and served as servants at the royal courts in Mughal era and as caretaker of holy places but now? What changed?


Source: VICE News

There are some questions that we need to answer first ourselves. Is it the transgender or us at fault? Is the transgender or our thinking is taboo when it comes to transgender in our society? Is being a transgender a taboo?

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