Attention Skinny People – This Teenage Boy will Inspire you with his Amazing Transformation

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I remember the days when people try to compete me from others and say that you are so thin. But according to me, I was not very skinny but healthy. Under good BMI.

But suddenly my routine changed as I began graphic designing work, I started spending my whole day long on the computer which ultimately harmed my health. So, because of all this routine, I started losing weight. It was the period of my school life and I was in 9th class. I realize that I am not that strong enough and I should have to focus on my health too.

I had lost almost 10 kg weight and that at the age of 16. These were the days when everyone was telling me that I am getting so skinny. I started focusing on my health, as I am a geek. So, I started searching everything on Google. I believe 100% in this quote, “Knowledge is power.”

I got all the information related to health and gaining weight. I sought out some exercises and started doing it at home for almost 6 months, and I also searched for healthy foods, nutrition facts, and diet plans. I started working out with the healthy diet. After passing Matriculation with A+ grade, I officially joined the gym.

I personally believe that if you want to do something, there is only you who can or can’t do it. You can never depend on anybody else except your parents. I started sweating out hard and made Google my best friend. Only Google acknowledged me with the bodybuilding terms like bulking and cutting.

I don’t even have any trainer, I trained myself and the sad thing is that my parents were saying, “you spend all the time on the internet; why do you care about it so much? It’s just waste of time.” I didn’t stop training, I got power, I got strength, I had suffered the days of pain. I looked at my diet, calories, macro-nutrients, and body fat percentage whirled in my mind all the time.

I added all natural these things into my diet and still take them. Egg whites, bananas, peanut butter, meat, chicken, red beans, milk, oatmeal, fish, carrot, broccoli and etc. These are the foods every bodybuilder have to take in order to become that V-Taper dream body.

Finally, after 10 months of continuous effort and struggle with complete motivation. I got complete lean muscle and ripped, my chest and biceps (14″). Gained mass, my abs got visible, lats and traps developed, and I never skip leg day. And still, I am bulking for more mass.

I believe in these quotes and these are the reason for my consistency and motivation.

“No pain, No gain!” (it helps me in bearing pain for gains)

“Bodybuilding is not a destination but a way of life.” ( it helped me in getting all the information I could get about healthy lifestyle and bodybuilding)

“If there is a will, there is away!”

I have a simple message for every struggling teenager – believe in yourself, keep yourself motivated, gather knowledge so that you can also make difference doing great things. If you know about the things and develop a deep understanding, simply say no to anyone in gym offering you wrong supplement. And you’ll know what is better for you.

All I got is 100% natural homemade recipes and hard-work gains. If I can do, you all can do!

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