Trans Activist Blames People For The Struggles Of Her Community In Pakistan

transgender in pakistan

Transgender activist Julie Khan has blamed people of our society for the status trans people have in the country. She during a recent interview on a TV channel has questioned the society which criticizes them for being sex workers.

“Why only we are being criticized for being sex workers. Why these people are not being questioned who pay a hefty amount for the same? Until the demand remains, we will keep doing it for our living,” she said.

“No transgender wants to be a sex worker, it’s the society which made us do this. We are not given equal rights and have always been treated badly. Our parents abandoned us. We don’t need sympathy, we just want equal rights. Give us the job, the respect we deserve so that we don’t become the sex workers,” she added.

A local group has also started a campaign #BackToHome for the rights of transgenders in Pakistan.

We are very proud to announce Julie khan. Real voice of community. We have started compaign of back to home for transgender. Thank you bol channel for giving us platform to highlight grassroot issues of transgender.#BACKTOHOME#SAFFAR#TRANSNEWS

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The harsh reality of the society from a Trans

Moreover, a few days back, Julie in another interview, showed a harsh reality of our Muslim society. She logically commented on sects and religious principles and with the capitalist and class-based society we live in.

transgender in pakistan

“You people say (transgenders) are non-religious people,” said Julie during an interview. “Have you ever seen a sect in us? Have you ever hear Shia transgenders live separately and Sunni transgender live separately and Wahabi transgenders live separately and the Christian transgender live separately? You have heard that all transgenders live together and if you ask about their religion they will say that they all are Muslims”.

“Before teaching us religion, people should first think that they are divided in sects, we aren’t,” she added.

Well, she does has a point!

The said discrimination has exceeded to such an extent that these helpless have been silenced most often by being put to death. The transgender community of Pakistan has always been isolated by the rest of the neglected but yet very obvious reasons.


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