Transgenders Seek Justice After A Video Of Armed Men Harassing Them Goes Viral

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WARNING: Some viewers may find details in the following story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

One of the most sensitive social issues of Pakistan is discrimination and violence against the transgender community. This community is often facing sexual and physical abuse. One such similar tragic incident has happened once again shaking us to the core.

Recently, armed men harassed a group transgender in Rawalpindi and force them to strip naked. They were then tortured and raped. The video of the horrific incident is going viral on the internet where the trans community is seeking justice from the police authorities.

However, according to details, these culprits hired these transgenders to perform at a wedding ceremony. Later, they deceitfully took them to some unknown place where they were tortured and abused.

Rawalpindi Police took action against the culprits

Moreover, Rawalpindi Police has filed an FIR against the culprits after identifying them through the video. They have assured them to provide justice for the rights of the transgender community.

Also, Reem Sharif who is the first-ever transgender in Pakistan to join the police force also took notice of the incident. She is a prominent transgender rights activist in Islamabad and has recently joined the Rawalpindi police department.

Sharif has joined Rawalpindi police station at a special desk to provide equal rights to the trans community. The purpose is to provide justice to the community who face constant abuse from society.

A series of court rulings since 2009 have recognized the third gender in law, but implementation is problematic. Socially, transgender individuals continue to be treated as lesser beings, having no right to claim privacy or personal dignity, or even safety.

It is the community that society ridicule in different ways. Ignored by the public that pretends to be oblivious of their presence which has earned them the name ‘invisible’ in some regions.

Moreover, people say that transgenders can only sing and dance, we wonder who came up with this spiral of degradation. These are special people and deserve equal rights like all of us. Looking down at them and degrading them is not acceptable in any circumstances.


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