These Talented Pakistani Twins’ Traditional Cover of Shape of you Will Blow Your Mind

You might have heard about the Leo twins from The Nescafe Basement and if you have not it totally is your loss. Sharoon and Haroon Leo are immensely talented musicians from Islamabad who happen to be twins and this just makes it better. They have been performing in Nescafe Basement, playing guitar and violin. But now they are back with something that is going to blow your mind, a traditional cover of Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

Shape of you goes desi.

Yes the most famous song of 2017 has been turned desi by these amazing twins. With tablas, harmonium and Rabab, this turned out to be so much better than you could have expected it to be. You might have heard tabla covers of the song before but nothing like this. This really is awesome.

All the traditional instruments used makes it better.

The twins used tabla, harmonium and rabab in this instrumental cover of arguably the most played song of 2017. This rendition was quite amazing as it really is a treat to the ears.

source: leo twins

And the best part about the song is the rabab. Who could have imagined Shape of You being played on a rabab and sounding even better than the original? And no this no joke, this actually sounds as good or even better than the original.

source: leo twins

And this doesn’t end here.

Leo twins have covered quite a few famous songs and they can be seen on their Facebook page or YouTube. Here’s the link of their cover of Game of Thrones track.

This is undoubtedly one of the best things you will listen to today. Game of Thrones cover by these amazingly talented twins!

Let it be Shape of You or Game of Thrones, these twins have nailed it. We wish them all the best for future.

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