“Toyota Yaris – Journey to the Top of the Category”

Toyota is one of the most trusted car brands in Pakistan, especially with their Corolla GLi and Xli models that outnumbered their competitors.

However, Indus Motor Company (IMC), the manufacturer of the Toyota vehicles in Pakistan finally said goodbye to the GLI and XLI last year.

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Yaris is the new addition to the Toyota lineup, introducing 1.3L and 1.5L engines in this new offering. Yaris launched in March 2020 and impressed many of its customers too. However, the lockdowns had hindered Yaris’ road to success.

Indus Motor Company (IMC), the manufacturer of the Toyota vehicles finally said goodbye last year when they announced the ‘Yaris’.

The Initial Struggle

Yaris in the beginning didn’t do well in the manner of sales, because the actual price stunned everyone with Rs2.349 million. And that’s surely wasnt ideal given the economic situation during the lockdown.

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Introducing the Yaris was a huge step by IMC because the Corolla Gli and Xli were the popular models among the Pakistani audience and introducing a new product in their place was a risky move.

People already started comparing Yaris with the previous veteran models even though the Yaris is a completely different product.

People already started comparing Yaris with the previous veteran models and it became hard for them to establish a strong brand identity.

Yaris is in direct competition with Honda City and IMC tried to make it more modern in every manner and aesthetically appealing. However, with such high costs and unexpected downfall in sales, people had doubts about Yaris.

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Furthermore, IMC even increased the prices of Yaris by Rs150, 000 last year in June, making the purchase decision even harder.

Why do these doubts arise? The public’s perception of the vehicle was based on Word of Mouth rather than something concrete like test drives and showroom visits so as to get the actual feel of the vehicle.

Taking off!

Toyota IMC drove away all doubts when customers started swarming into dealerships to experience the vehicle once the lockdown took off this which was supplemented by IMC’s home test-drive campaign.

Toyota has never backed down from any challenge and always exhibited its true dominancy in Pakistan. By the end of 2020, Yaris’ rising journey began with a sales boom that no one anticipated.

The moment all the restrictions were let down by the government, Yaris made an outstanding comeback and currently stands at the top of its category.

Features and Tech

Yaris’ booming sales can be credited to firstly, its features which turned customers into its marketers and secondly to the Toyota Brand which houses a customer’s trust.

Source: Toyota

The Toyota Yaris features: climate control, steering wheel switches, a 6.8-inch display, push start and smart entry, hill start assist control, ABS, and vehicle stability. It’s hard to see such an amazing modern feature in today’s automobiles.

Believe it or not, Toyota Yaris has sold almost 30,000 units so far and it became the highest-selling sedan in Pakistan. And also with the new Auto Policy of reduced prices, Toyota Yaris is ready to reach new horizons.

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