A Young And Talented Pakistani Footballer Lost His Life Due To The Negligence Of The PFF

Pakistan is a country where sports is considered sacred, yes, by sports we mean cricket. The only game that fits the category according to the common Pakistanis standards. For decades, football has been ignored to such an extent that a talented footballer earning a meager salary eventually loses his life, due to the negligence of the authoritative bodies.

In a recent case, heartbreaking as it is, a young and talented Pakistani footballer named Touseef Ahmed passed away. The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), under patron in chief Faisal Saleh Hayat and the rest of his posse are definitely to blame.

Source: Twitter.com

Source: Twitter.com

FootballPakistan.com explains what exactly happened that Touseef had to lose his life

Touseef was a talented footballer, who played as a midfielder for Pakistan’s U18 and U23. If this is how we treat the best amongst us, imagine what happens to the low-level departmental players? Prior to Touseef’s demise, another footballer named Ali Sher had overdosed on the same homeopathic’s medicine.

If the PFF cannot provide footballers with basic health and medical facilities (necessities), then what can we expect in terms of footballing glory? Higher authorities need to take responsibility and investigate Touseef’s case, as to why he wasn’t provided with the funds to treat his injury.

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