This Guy Had the Weirdest Experience at a Restaurant Washroom in Murree and He is Absolutely Pissed

Pakistan’s tourism industry is increasing slowly. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is growing its tourism game, and increasing people are travelling towards North and South towards the sea. Consequently, our economy is finally starting to receive an appreciable contribution from tourism department.

At this stage, most of us would want this trend to keep growing. We also want that local authorities should provide care and support to the tourists in their area. This way they would feel comfortable enough to visit the place next time as well. However, I came across a horrifying story that would certainly make you wish you would never get in a similar situation.

Here it is:

The incident occurred on 19th of August 2016. We were at USMANIA RESTAURANT MURREE (near marhaba hotel) for dinner one of our friend went to the toilet we were waiting for the dinner we ordered. Suddenly people started laughing when we noticed the toilet was transparent not covered and you can completely see that what’s happening in there. We strongly condemn the incident and called the manager and complained him. Still there is no progress. By looking USMANIA’s toilet both male toilet and female toilet are completely transparent do tell your sister, mother & colleagues first check the toilet then use it. Stay safe, Spread the word & do share the video.”

The video clearly shows a person tending to his needs while people are sitting outside. A table is causally placed just beside that translucent glass wall, giving a clear view of what is going on inside if people are to sit at that table. Usmania restaurant is among the most famous restaurants in Murree. To hear about such level of unethical and unprofessional behavior from its management is a grave disappointment.

One should think of how many innocent people, men and women, would have used that toilet cabin completely unaware of the exposing walls. Apart from that, imagine how much unhygienic it is to place a dining table just beside a toilet. Instead of laughing it off, someone should definitely force the management to come up with viable solutions for these “revealing” walls. Probably put up black sheets to cover the whole bathroom area just for the comfort of customers. Till then, we advise that you remain vigilant while enjoying your vacations in another place and always prefer security over cost.

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