Here Are the Top 9 Countries That Offer Education at Minimal Costs to Foreign Students

Studying abroad is no piece of cake – with a different education system comes a huge difference towards the living standards and other imperative changes. Most of all, a lot of desi parents do not send their children abroad because of the incurred expenses. Essentially, one of the reasons why every other student abroad opts for a part-time job to make their ends meet.

However, there are numerous countries with an excellent education that promise to offer foreign students an education they can afford.

Majority of the universities in these countries have somewhat similar admission/tuition fees and therefore, your dream of studying abroad can become true if you go to the following 9 countries:

9. Spain

Source: Study in Spain

At a reasonable cost of living, Spain offers free education to the EU citizens and low costs to students outside the EU hemisphere.

8. Greece

Source: Greek Reporter

Greece is another country that offers minimal costs to foreign students along with affordable living options.

7. Belgium

Source: Loyola University Maryland

Ranging from 700 Euros per year to 3,000 Euros, the standard of education offered to international students in Belgium is affordable to many.

6. France

Source: Times Higher Education

Aside from the private schools, the higher education offered in France is free of cost. Additionally, there are various notable universities in France that offer education at minimal expenses.

5. The Czech Republic

Source: Západočeská univerzita

The costs of higher education do not apply to any international citizen when it comes to this country. If you, however, demand your education in English, there will be a sum you’d have to pay and it won’t be more than 1,20,000 rs as tuition fees.

4. Finland

Source: ScandAsia

Previously, the country did not charge anything from the students belonging to ANY nationality; education was entirely free. However, the change has recently been implemented where the only charges they seek are from the non-EU students who wish to seek education in English.

3. Austria

Source: MAUI

For non-EU students, the education at Austria costs around 730 Euros as the tuition fees. This is 95,000 in Pakistani rupees.

2. Norway

Source: MAUI

The education offered at different levels in Norway is absolutely free of cost. However, the education sector of the country requires the students to learn Norweign as the national language is used as the means of communication in the education sector as well.

1. Germany

Source: MAUI

No surprises there – Germany tops the list of countries offering high-quality minimal to free education to international students.  The nominal administration fees fall around 150 to 250 Euros.

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