Top 8 Highest Paid Pakistani Actors!

Top 8 Highest Paid Pakistani Actors!

Here is the list of Top 8 highest paid Pakistani actors…

1. Shaan Shahid


Source: lagareh

Shaan Shahid charges 50 lac rupees per movie and commercials. He is becoming one of the most expensive artists in the entire media industry.

2. Fawad Khan


Source: HouseofPakistan

Fawad Khan charges 20 lac rupees per series.

3. Mahira Khan


Source: Dawn

The charming lady Mahira Khan charges 1 lac rupee per episode.

4. Faisal Qureshi


Source: Popbuster

Faisal Qureshi charges 25 lac rupees per project.

5. Nouman Ijaz


Source: Feedspk

Nouman Ijaz also charges 25 lac rupees per project.

6. Saba Qamar


Source: Stylepk

Multi talented Saba Qamar charges 20 lac rupees per serial.

7. Shahista Lodhi


Source: Fashion360

Morning show host Shahista Lodhi charges 1 lac rupees per show.

8. Sajal Ali


Source: UNOmatch

The young star Sajal Ali charges 15 lac rupees per project.

These stars are indeed making a fortune out of their talent.

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