Top 6 Lip Colors You Need To Wear This Winter!

It is forbidden for girls to leave their homes without three things: their smartphone, their foundation and obviously, a decent lipstick shade that matches her look of the day. The tough choice women make every day is how they need to match their clothes with their shoes, their bags and let’s not forget their lipsticks.

Welcoming the season of winters, one of the most trendy seasons where we take out our sexy leather jackets, long/short body coats and look our best during the wedding season (which also happens to take place in winters for us), let’s look at the different shades of lipsticks you need to add to your dressing table.

Note: These colors vary from skin tone to skin tone. Choose the suggestions you think would flaunt your looks in the best way. 

1. Maroon

Maroon is one of the few lipstick shades that never go out of fashion. In the season where bonfire and barbecues are the most celebrated occasions, maroon lipstick with light smokey eye makeup looks absolutely lit!

2. Burgundy

Agree to it or not, the shades of burgundy work on every skin tone. Depending on how you dress yourself and the color combination you are carrying, burgundy is definitely in fashion for this year’s winters, and we are not even surprised.

If you don’t have a burgundy shade to go, use purple lip pencil and maroon lipstick to make this combo.

3. Red

Blood red, mystic red,light red and what not. The actual 50 shades they should be talking about is red because they are countless!

Reddish orange (commonly known as warm tangerine) is also a combo a number of women adore and totally fits the season!

4. Glossy Pink

Using lipstick in the winter season is ideal. You don’t want to wear a hot, in season shade of lip color on crack lips. Glossy pink shade looks amazing on casual winter evenings and mornings.

5. Purple (Commonly Known As Silky Mauve)

A 90s trend that is back in fashion. The wearable soft shade of mauve looks perfect all skin tones. It is a must try during this season as it flaunts during flashy occasions the most.

6. Nude Shades

Nude shades are extremely difficult to carry, largely depending on your skin tone and the tone of nude you choose to wear. However, not having one of the shades of nudes is impossible for women. The choices need to be made wisely. Nude shades come their own unique set of varieties:

Purplish nude (Bare But Butter, to be precise) is totally in this season!

The world of beauty and fashion is filled with tremendous options women can’t resist. What makes fashion so irresistible is how we can flaunt our lips in a number of ways that totally give us a whole new look. Do not shy away and try one (definitely more) shades of these lipsticks this winters!


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