Top 6 Burger Joints in Lahore That Will Satisfy Your Tastebuds in Less Than Rs.400

Disclaimer: If you are on a diet, you might want to close this article.

When it comes to food, Lahore is the place you want to be. Fast food, Desi, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and so many more food outlets can be found in this bustling city of Lahore.

After all, Lahore Lahore Ae.

However, most of these outlets or restaurants are not your “everyday visit” type places when it comes to looking at your budget.

Like the shawarma stall in your society’s market, you would not dare to meet your friends or order any deliveries from these places every day. Not only are these places heavy upon your wallet, but these are just not the type you could casually hang out and eat snacks at with your friends.

But fear not as Lahore comes to the rescue here as well. These top 6 burger joints can give you the best burgers in less than 400rs!

1) Ahmed Burger

Ahmad Burger offers crunchy and juicy zinger burger, along with other varieties, to its beloved costumers. Located somewhere near Chauburji, this place is visited by many and mostly praised. A small outlet, with fair price range, one should try this place.

2) Top Line Burger

Situated near Mini Market roundabout, Gulberg, is another tasty outlet. Offering variety of burgers and sandwiches, it is another nice little location.

3) Lasani Burger

This burger place is becoming quite popular as people are starting to copy its name. With one supposed branch at Mini Market roundabout, while two branches in Barkat Market (side by side) it is quite confusing to figure out which one is the original one. Even so, all outlets offer more or less similar amazing taste. May it be anda shami burger, zinger, or a regular chicken burger, it is a place you just want to try.

4) Chalupa Burger

A popular place, famous for its gigantic zinger burgers, is present somewhere near the first roundabout of Samnabad. Offering varieties like shawarma, shawarma platter and other delicious fast food items, this place is a must visit if you look for quantity over cost.

5) Burger Corner

If you are a fan of beef, but you want it at a lower cost then, worry not. We present to you Burger Corner, Mini Market. It offers one of Lahore’s juiciest beef burgers and other varieties at finger licking rates.

6) Johnny & Jugnu

We saved the best for the last, and what is there to not like of this place? With just two branches in whole city (one in Defence while other in Johar Town), this was a mini project started by some students that became big. With variety of sauces to put on their burgers and tortilla wrap, this is definitely the next big thing!

You all should definitely visit these places to actually witness what we are speaking of. With so many feasible hunger killing fast food joints all over Lahore, there is no need to take out your big cash. Do try these places, and let us know what you think of them!

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