“Hollywood Into Future”-Top 5 Sci-fi Movies That Got Accurate To Technology

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Hollywood top movies always inspire the future, technology, and science. By far most of their future technologies have come true with unexpected results, whether it’s hacking or flying.

Many of the Hollywood sci-fi movies surely changed the perspective of tech and it affected our lifestyle as well because of Informational Technology.


We are all surrounded by tech gadgets and while watching Hollywood tech films that gives reference to the future. And within few years, that same tech thing comes in reality blow people’s minds. But what technology is in movies and how it affects us is simply amazing!

5 Movies That Got Accurate With Technology:

Without wasting any time let’s dig into the world of tech-based movies, which landed exactly accurate as per the futuristic technology. Although there might be endless Hollywood movies that fit in this category, instead of covering every movie it’s better to pick the most hyped one for Hollywood top technology in movies.

2001: A Space Odyssey

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This classic movie was released in 1968, the year before the first human landed on the moon. Stanley Kubrick got it right. Looking at this movie showcased what will happen in upcoming years, the cell phones, laptops such essentials made it real and got it right with the technology.

Robot and Frank:

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Have you ever thought of having a robot friend? No right, but the Robot and Frank’s movie made it a reality and that’s what happening currently. The robot is perfectly designed with a futuristic reference and a bit of Honda ASIMO design.

Nowadays the tech developed countries utilizing robots as the caretaker and it’s working awesome. Even during 2018 Winter Olympics at the airport South Korean government placed robots to welcome the visitors and that’s something unique and futuristic.

The Martian:

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‘Martian’ a movie that revolves around an astronaut who is stuck on Mars and he tries to do every single thing that a human would do on earth. Growing potatoes, doing such things let the scientists take it seriously and they did it.

Things are going beyond just growing potatoes on Mars, Nasa and Tom Cruise collaborating to shoot a movie on Mars.


War Games 35 years old movie, who would have thought about hacking or something. But in that movie the main character Matthew Broderick who hacks the game developer’s server but in reality, his main aim to breach the US military security server.

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Just look at the time when it was released and right now there are several occasions when US Military Systems got hacked. Even recently one of the well-known gaming developer Red CD Projekt who got hacked after few months of Cyberpunk 2077 released and with the hacking event they delayed their patch as well.


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Her was 2013’s one of the finest movies, that booked themselves in the Oscar nomination seat and shocked the world. It’s a romantic sci-fi drama, where the character falls in love with the artificially intelligent operating system.

But why it’s surprising? It is because the movie got released at the time when digital voice assistants were getting ready to start. Like iPhone 4s in 2011 Siri, but after that, they grew only some prevalent digital assistants such as Cortana, Alexa, and later Google assistant also joined digital voice party.

All these movies came right on point to the technology and created a huge impact. No one expected, they would even witness such technological advancement and make life much easier. These movies have surely linked to the future and how things will work.

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