Top 5 Muslim Countries To Visit In Your Lifetime

muslim countries to visit

Traveling is an amazing way to keep your mental health in balance. Also, it gives you countless appreciative memories. It is a way of removing yourself from the world and indulging in diverse cultures to experience peace. Moreover, many times people travel to expand their knowledge regarding the different countries they visit. But how can a Muslim easily travel if the country isn’t Muslim friendly? Well, fear not. There are a couple of places to visit in July. If you’re a Muslim or an individual looking to deepen their understanding of Muslim countries, here is a list of Muslim countries to visit at least once in your lifetime:




Indonesia has the greatest Muslim population worldwide. Even though it might seem like an island with a moderate population; they harbor millions of Muslims. Close to 90% of the population is Muslim. It has been a wonderful tourist attraction for a lot of Muslim tourists including Pakistan. Moreover, Indonesia has heaps of islands with sweeping sceneries and fresh air. One of its famous islands, Bali, is a favored location within tourists because of its mountains, beaches, and cultural value. Also, the prominent beach resort Seminyak in Bali has crystal clear water. It is the perfect choice for a comfortable summer vacation. The people are welcoming  and the food is Muslim-friendly as well.

muslim countries to visit

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No wonder many Pakistani’s wish to visit this place at least once. There are plenty of other cultural attractions especially the temples throughout Indonesia. Some of the famous ones include the Hindu temple Uluwatu and Borobudur temple. The temples are huge with years of history and religion embedded within. Furthermore, people visit the Gili Islands as well. It has an electric blue sea with beautiful greenish trees waiting to lure you into a peaceful mind.


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Malaysia is another lovely Muslim country to visit. The city of Kuala Lumpur is a magical place with endless opportunities for fun. The street food, mosques, sceneries, everything remains just as perfect. Malaysia also has its share of parks like Kinabalu Park, Bako National Park, and Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. The places are neat with dust-free air and natural sceneries hugging you from everywhere. Just like Indonesia, it consists of many islands with enjoyable beaches that contribute to a flourishing vacation.

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Malaysia is known for its festivities as it celebrates a lot of festivals from various religions and backgrounds. This includes the Chinese New Year, The Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday, Christmas, and Diwali. The country is a perfect mix of various cultures and ethnicities. Its food is also loved by many Pakistanis as it can match our taste buds. Nevertheless, Malaysia should always be included in the list of the Muslim countries to visit in every vacation.

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Turkey is well-known for its city Istanbul. The great mosques and museums give the city its rightful name. One of the main tourist attractions is also the Blue Mosque, located in Istanbul, popular for its huge and majestic look. Also, the beautiful caves of Cappadocia are a site that no one should miss. Moreover, just like the bazaar in Aladdin, Turkey has its own recreation of it. The Grand Bazaar showcases a lot of Turkish culture along with many thought-provoking items. If you’re traveling the entirety of Turkey then make sure to not forget the Pamukkale. It is a mineral-rich area with ice shaped in the form of large stair-steps and cold water in the middle. The place looks exactly like a fairy tale coming to life.

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Also, Turkey is divided between the two continents so it has the best of both worlds. That is also reflected in their food, culture, and people. The country is a spectacular place to learn and grow. In addition, you can always conclude your trip to Turkey after witnessing the Galata Bridge in all its glory.


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The Maldives is just the perfect location to visit in summers; an absolute among the places to visit in July. Your vacations cannot be complete without visiting the nature-ridden and breathtaking looks of the island. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, the Maldives consists of a fair number of Muslims. So, finding Muslim food there is the easiest. To experience Maldivian culture and its grace, it is recommended to visit Male. You can try out cultural food like Maldivian fish curry or Mas Huni. Maldivians love to fish. So, if you are a die-heart fish fan then it’s time to pack your bags for a little Maldivian adventure!

The country is all about its islands and the dangerously clear water. First, visit the Meeru Island to have a fun experience in the huts while taking in the unbelievable scenery in front of you. Then, you will have to see the Ari Atoll for its gorgeous view and blue water. Moreover, Maldives is the best place for diving. Considering you’re a Muslim or interested in Muslim culture then you can always visit the mosques or other famous Muslim destinations in the capital Male.


It might be difficult to find any beaches or sceneries full of green-blue seas but Jordan has its own charm. It has many tourist attractions that are religious; this includes Umm Qais. The Wadi Rum is a vast desert in Jordon with various sandstone mountains. However, living in Pakistan is already as warm as it can get. So, Pakistani’s wouldn’t choose to visit a desert. But don’t worry as there are many other typical tourist locations like the Madaba Map and Roman Theatre. It doesn’t seem like it at first because of its dry outlook but Jordan is full of cultural areas. Every step of the country represents its culture and history quite well. Despite being a warm country, it is extremely beautiful and welcoming with wildlife and forests echoing deep within its natural world.

muslim countries to visit

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Many Pakistanis must have already visited these countries or might be planning on doing so. There are other Muslim countries in the world as well that are just as pretty and breath-taking. But take this as a list of the Muslim countries to visit this year.



What do you think of these countries? Will you visit them anytime soon? Share your thoughts!

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