Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2023

anticipated TV Shows of 2023

2023 will be a rollercoaster ride for the TV Show fans out there because some of the most anticipated TV Shows heading to the streaming platforms.

Several TV shows returning for the new season and others are debuting. But fans know very well which TV show would surely rise with the hype and grab everyone’s attention.

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Most of the shows aren’t worth checking out, so to clear the path of searching 2023 TV shows here are the top 10 most anticipated TV Shows of 2023.

10 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2023

2023 TV shows will be bombastic, especially returning Loki season 2, which grabbed everyone’s attention in the first season and was the only Marvel TV show that worked well.

Not only that Succession and Ted Lasso who shocked everyone at the Emmy Awards of 2022 with massive wins are also returning.

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Along with that, Netflix’s one of the most famous shows Squid Game and the final chapter of Stranger Things is also heading to the streaming platform as well.

But apart from that, gamers are excited about the 2023 TV show lineup because “The Last of Us” is coming this month, the adaptation of the award-winning game and it’s been in the process for years.

List of Anticipated TV Shows of 2023

1.      The Last of Us

Very few writers and directors do justice to the video game adaptation movies or TV Shows. The Last of Us ones are those who understood the viewer’s demand and chose the right cast. If you have played the game, then you might get the idea of the show and it’s going to be exclusive.

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It’s created by Chernobyl mastermind Craig Mazin alongside the video game’s writer and creative director Neil Druckmann and stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey of Game of Thrones.

2.      Perry Mason, Season 2

HBO’s reboot of Perry Mason did well in the first season where the audience got the liberty to relive the LA’s noir both were grimdark and had a scene where Matthew Rhys got humped off the side of a bed.

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What’s new for the season? The new cast includes Michael Begler and Jack Amiel of The Knick. Along with them Katherine Waterston and a new mystery for Perry to solve.

3.      Succession, Season 4

Succession from the beginning grabbed everyone’s attention and delivered classy seasons up till now. The last time when we saw the siblings Kendall, Shiv, and Roman teamed up to demolish their father. Shiv’s husband Tom tipped Logan played by Brian Cox outsmarted his children.

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Season 4 will be a whole new thing and family rivalry might get wider with more intense dialogues. Season four will no doubt explore the fallout from all this treachery.

4.      Fargo, Season 5

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After nearly two years out of the picture, Fargo returned to the HBO stream platform with a new plot and star. In season 5, they changed the plot where a kidnapping and a seemingly unhappy marriage. Hamm stars alongside Juno Temple and Jennifer Jason Leigh in a story set in the Midwest in 2019.

5.      Loki Season 2

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Loki TV Show has become one of the most popular TV shows last year in the Marvel world. People got to know the story of Loki the mischieve anti-superhero that got to know his other existent variants roaming.

Season 2 will be a whole new ride with mysterious characters linked to the upcoming Marvel movies.

6.      Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso, one of the most comedy and funny shows in the current slot returning for season 3. Everything about the show was perfect and that’s the reason they won the award as well.

7.      Three Women

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Three Women inspired by the non-fiction book of the same name, this drama explores sexual desire through the prism of three women and each of them confronting extramarital relationships in different contexts.

Shailene Wood is the main lead of the show and in the trailer, she’s a phenomenon.

8.      True Detective: Night Country

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Yes, you read it right, True Detective which was stopped after season 3 and ended on a good note. But looks like the makers want to come back and fans can get excited about it. It will be the first season without creator Nic Pizzolatto.

Jodie Foster and Kali Reis will be in the leading roles.

9.      Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

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The spin-off of the famous Netflix series Bridgerton tells the origin story of the judgy yet awesome Queen Charlotte played once again by Golda Rosheuvel and joined by India Amarteifio as the younger Charlotte.

10.  Yellowjackets, Season 2

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Yellowjackets returning on March 24th and the fans are excited. Because season one ended on a cliffhanger where a major character died, another was kidnapped by unknown assailants, and a third was poisoned.

Looking at these top 10 most anticipated TV shows of 2023, it feels like clearing out the calendar for TV shows and binge-watch them.

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