Kashmiri-American Architect Creates Beautiful Masterplan For ‘Namal Knowledge City’

namal knowledge city

Prime Minister Imran Khan aims to make his education institution Namal Institute, one of the leading institutions in the world. To do so, he is building a ‘Namal Knowledge City’ in Pakistan. The project has been started with the initial master plan of the Namal knowledge city designed by the leading US architect Tony Ashai.

PM Imran announced the news through Twitter and also shared the design of his dream project.

About Namal Knowledge City

It will be the first project of its kind in the country bringing together knowledge workers from all over the world. It aims to constitute one of Pakistan’s largest consortiums to acquire, create, disseminate, and utilize knowledge. A key feature will be the sustainable development of the knowledge city and communities in Pakistan at large.

However, major construction work on the city is expected to be completed by the year 2027 according to the plan.

The knowledge city will include academic blocks, libraries, technology parks, business centers, dairy farms, primary and secondary schools, sports facilities, a hospital, shopping centers, hotels, and housing colony for staff, faculty and students. Sounds like a unique and exciting project.

By the year 2023 the Namal knowledge city aims to complete the first phase of its development according to the master plan.

“The establishment of Namal Knowledge City brings the vision of a sustainable Pakistan one step closer. Under the multidisciplinary Namal Knowledge City, students will become tomorrow’s leaders,” PM Imran said in a statement.

Also, a few months back, PM Imran attended the graduation ceremony of Namal Institute and addressed the students. While addressing the graduating students, he got furious and scold a man for interrupting him.

Moreover,  PM Imran Khan has worked for the betterment of the country in many possible ways. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital to be the most precious of is his works. Much later, he made his way to the path of education too. Each one of his dreams has a vision, and he is dedicated to fulfilling his dreams. The Namal knowledge city master plan has been showcased which is giving people high hopes.

We hope this project brings a positive change for Pakistan. Ameen


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