Ways To Change The World With Your Writing

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Whenever we see someone’s rights being violated, there’s one thing most of us do and that is writing very long articles on human rights. We think we are helping those humans in need. But really, are we? Is change only limited to writing? Is that our only responsibility? Is that the end of it? We become social media and newspaper kings by writing about such causes, thinking that our job’s done, as we leave all the work to the readers.

In most of the developing countries, Pakistan being one of them, the people that are victims are usually in destitute and are illiterate. They have absolutely zero awareness about their basic rights and needs. Be it a young girl, or an aged woman, none of them is aware of her rights.

Source: Picture Stories

It’s not that we don’t raise our voice. We do. It’s just that we raise our voice and then we lower it. By not being part of the movement. Our voice is only limited to social media. Why is that? Why can we not dare to go further?

Those people who actually need our support don’t have access to our voice. They don’t have social media accounts. They don’t know how to read newspapers. They don’t KNOW that someone is out there fighting for them. Raising their voice for them. They don’t KNOW that what they are going through is not right.

Most people I have seen only write because either they want to be popular or they want to make money. No one has a genuine concern for these people. A true leader does not only give instructions but gives instructions and participates. Without the participation, the person only becomes a speaker, not a leader.

So people should participate more.

We need to take practical steps, rather than just being emotional on Facebook, Twitter etc.

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