8 Simple Tips To Beat The Summer Heat During Ramadan

beat the heat

As always, Ramadan in 2022 like every year falls in a hot summer. Wondering how you can survive it and beat the heat? We have got some tips to help you stay cool and refreshed while fasting.

1. Let Your Feet Relax

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It may sound strange, but keeping your feet relaxed will keep the rest of your body relaxed and refreshed. Try dipping them in a bucket of ice cold water.

2. Spray Yourself With Cold Water

Yes, spritz yourself during the Ramadan timings. Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator, and when the going gets hot, give yourself a good squirt. You should begin with your wrists to quickly cool down the blood flowing through your veins.

3. Dress in Loose Clothing

It is recommended that you wear one of the widely available synthetic fabrics that are designed to wick away sweat and reduce that sticky feeling during Ramzan. If you prefer cotton, choose one that is thin, light, and loose. We suggest cotton and linen. Let the sweat evaporate directly from skin to air!

4. Turn Your Computer Off

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When you are away from your computer for more than 10 minutes, you can set it to go into low power “sleep” mode which emits less heat. Before you leave for the day, turn it off completely. Despite what some IT guys told you years ago, shutting down and restarting modern computers will not cause undue stress on the hardware. And try working less on the computer on your lap since it gets too hot.

5. Take More Showers

There is nothing like a cold shower in the midst of a sweltering summer day. It does not have to be an epic water-wasting shower — just a quick rinse will do the trick. Take them often!

6. Cool As A Cucumber

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Keep a cucumber in your fridge and cut a couple of slices to soothe your eyes after a long summer day. It will not only reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes but bring down the overall temperature of your body. Treat yourself.

7. Get A New Haircut

Summer is a great time for change and a shift of perspective. Get a haircut and switch things up while simultaneously setting yourself up for a cooler summer. Keep your hair off the back of your neck to keep body temperatures lower.

8. Essential Oils

Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oil both contain menthol which has cooling properties. Add a few drops to your diffuser at home, or make your own body mist for when you are on the go. 

Hope these prove to be helpful for you!

It is also important to look after yourself and stay healthy during Ramadan Mubarak, and for people who are particularly into their fitness, we have a few tips for you. You must also check out our 8 hand-picked tips to make a realistic Ramadan plan.

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