Here Are Some Important Tips To Know Before You Start A Family!

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In our society growing families has always been a matter of people more than the couple itself. I’ve observed people starting families without even basic info of how to start one. Family isn’t always about giving birth to a child. Parents need to know that whatever child they’ve given birth to is a human. And everyone needs to know the basics.

1. Gender issues between your children


This has been the issue since forever people often love their male child’s more than the females one because the male is a sign of pride ( although many people have ended it). But does that make sense? Do you really think it matters? I’ve seen millions of people who have daughters and they’ve made their parents proud enough. Look, there is a drawback in this you’re stunting another child’s growth. They feel worthless.

2. Favoritism

Giving more than required attention and love to a single sibling and mentioning that as ” Yeh to papa ki ladli beti/ beta hai”, ” yeh ladla bacha hai iski baat nae taali jati” etc are the things others would feel. Imagine for a second if you, along with your siblings, are sitting on the table waiting for food and your mom serves just her favorite kid and leaves you empty-handed. This is what it exactly seems like. Loving your child is not an option. Love for all or for none.

3. Choosing their careers


Look its the matter of their own interest you can’t decide it when they come out of the delivery home that this child is gonna be a doctor if she’s a girl and vice versa. They all have different abilities. You can’t mask out their abilities with what you want them to be just because the society wants to see them a doctor. Appreciate them while they are painters, great writers etc.

4. Check up on your child.

Know what an individual is going through. Be it a hormonal issue, mood swings, know why is this that way. Know why is your child not so close to you to open up to you. You parents really need a parental guiding school. So you should know how to check up on your kid. This is not always that they are tired so they wrap themselves up in blankets with their faces dumped into pillows. It’s too much you need to know about your children.
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