Tips On How To Date In Pakistan

If you are between the age of 16 to about 24 living in Karachi it is highly unlikely that you are married, however it is entirely possible that at some point in time you would have had a relationship or are still in one. In Karachi however dating is not an easy task it has to be done very tactfully and even then it’s a risky ordeal.

1. The Key To A Fool Proof Date is A Good Excuse

2. Choosing The Location Is Probably The Hardest Part (2)

3. Paisa Hai Pass Toh kuen Devdas (1)

4. No Matter Where You Go They Will Stare


5. Always Cover your Tracks Well


6. If You Get Caught Always Have A Plan B (3)

7. Always Make Sure That Your Parents Don’t Find Out


8. It’s All Worth It In The End If You Find That Perfect Someone



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