This Is Why Using Tinder In Pakistan Feels Unusually Awkward…

They often say that the world has become a global village and globalization is taking over. The advancement in technology, particularly in social media is proof enough of the former statement. Today, we’re going to be discussing one of the world’s most famous applications, Tinder; that too, in context of Pakistan.

Tinder, an application developed by the West, is one of the most used ones all around the world. A dating/friendship application that lets you find people of similar interest near and around you.


All over the world, Tinder has brought together many people of different backgrounds. However, in Pakistan, Tinder has a whole new meaning altogether. From extremely strange bios (welcome messages) to immensely awkward swipe conversations, Tinder in Pakistan is a troll’s delight.

One Pakistani social media and Tinder user dubbed the application as, “Bohot Khushki Hai Tinder Pakistan Per Bhai” — which literally means that nothing much’s going on the app. But that’s not always the case. Another Redditor said: “A friend of mine tried to use it. A lot of fake profiles, and a few people looking for just sex. I have heard of the gay community using dating sites and apps to find people though. Not sure if that includes tinder.”


A Pakistani Comedian, Akbar Chaudhry, on his social media accounts posted a screenshot of a girl’s bio, which said: “Em from Karachi Pakistan, I love to pray 5 times a day Alhamdullilah. I love Quran and love to read it daily.” — nothing wrong, right? The bio, however, ended with: “Don’t play with me, otherwise, Allah will play with you and your game will be Over fOreva”

One girl on Tinder however almost found love, this is what she wrote on a social media platform:


“Horrendous experience. Attempted thrice, and failed each. Just when I thought I met my man for life, they began gaslighting and eventually ghosting on me since they had countless options on Tinder. So if you’re looking for something everlasting and pure, refrain from finding it online. They’ll mercilessly stomp on your heart in their greed of the possibility of someone ‘more interesting’ than you, and walk away no matter how hard you try to make them stay.

My singleness still tempts me to reinstall it, but the very fears and past experiences of having been cheated on, consistently meeting ‘confused and unsure’ romantic prospects and mild depression cloud my urges, and then I choose not to go for it.

I’d advise you try your luck offline, far away from the world of lies and deception, and settle for someone profound, authentic and loyal. From Karachi.”

Apart from these personal experiences, if you come across 10 profiles on Tinder, we’re pretty sure 5 of them are absolutely fake, with 1/2 transgenders, you’re not really going to be in luck.

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