10 Times In Life When It Absolutely Sucks To Be A Girl

The UTI Test

When you get a UTI and have to leave a urine sample behind and they make you pee in small plastic cups. Now, guys wouldn’t have a problem with that because of their copulatory organs. Girls, on the other hand, have to worry about it not getting out of the cup. Gross, I know.


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Dirty Jokes… No Please!

When you can’t help but crack dirty jokes because you’ve been watching Jimmy Carr’s stand-up comedy for a little too long now. The girls think you’re a slut and the guys try to get into your panties. La howla wallah, no entrance before a nikahnama.


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This Pain!!!

When the wax lady yanks the strip off that one place and you see stars in broad daylight. Twinkle twinkle little stars, my hoohaa’s in excruciating pain yaar.


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It’s Delivery Time

When the oven’s done the baking and it’s time to let the bun out of a small hole in your body. (An average newborn baby’s head is 35 cm. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Storks really need to start delivering babies again.)


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Jinn? Ya Kuch Aur??

When your period decides to show up late and during that time of constant worrying, you think you got fucked by a jinn.


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The Little Efforts Of Making Gol Roti

When you’re supposed to be good at cooking but actually aren’t. Sorry aunties, haven’t yet mastered the art of gol roti making. Ready-to-make-food all the way. FTW.


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Dear Society! I Can Do It By My Own

When society’s wastes of sperms think their honor lies in your vagina and they need to protect it at all costs. Banda pagal howay par inna pagal vee na howay.


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But I Can’t Controlll Yaar!!

When you’re supposed to laugh in a way that doesn’t bring attention to yourself because you’re not in the confines of your house but outside where you’re supposed to behave like a lady.


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The Most Awkward

When it’s winter and your bladder makes you go sit on that cold, cold toilet seat to relieve it


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Standards? My Foot!


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When you just can’t live up to society’s twisted standards and expectations.


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