12 Times Indian Cricketer Virender Sehwag’s Humor Was Too Much For Pakistanis To Handle!

One thing is for sure, Indians can never beat the humor of Pakistanis. Well, keeping our good looks aside as well, of course. One of the legendary Indian players, Virender Sehwag, is often seen tweeting about multiple aspects. Given how the world-renowned player has a lot of time on his hands after his retirement, the player is often seen making “witty” jokes on Twitter.

Little do these Indian followers and Sehwag himself know how awful most of his jokes are. I am not really a fan of saying, “jokes that will cause you cancer” but I swear, this is the perfect statement when you go through Sehwag’s Twitter handle.

OH MY GOD. “Meri Christmas”…..?????

Last I Saw This Picture Was In 2000

And the Indian followers couldn’t be more amused by this so original joke Paa Jee posted.

Twitter: @VirenderSehwag

Twitter: @VirenderSehwag

Twitter: @VirenderSehwag

Twitter: @VirenderSehwag


Twitter: @VirenderSehwag

Twitter: @VirenderSehwag


Shaant Bole Tou Silent But Paa Jee Says Shaant Na Rehna iShaant…

And Not To Forget When Sehwag Did Commentary For India’s Match. These Were His ‘Top-Notch’ Lines:

By Cook He Meant England Team’s Then-Captain Alastair Cook…

Life Learning Lessons Here Guys, Take Note!

Ghoomiying Kero Knife Ko Yaar

BRB Dying

Wow Yaar

And look at these praises, oh my GOD!

Motivation Needed, Thnx Paa Jee

And obviously, we Pakistanis see everything


Yep, That’s How They Are

Regardless of what your views may be on his performance on the pitch, Sehwag definitely needs to let go of his 90’s humor.



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