Time for Talent to Spark And Earn Again As YouTube Officially Launches in Pakistan

Remember the horrible three years where we had no YouTube and all we could do was search for different proxy sites (an illegal way) that would help us surf videos on the site? That was finally over a few months back when YouTube was unbanned a few months ago. Much to our surprise, YouTube is now officially available for Pakistani content creators to use it as a mean of making money.

Just like Ali Gul Pir, Justin Bibis and Eye to Eye sensation Tahir Shah made their name and fortune and fame through YouTube hits and views, now the rest of the Pakistanis can do the same as there won’t be any problem in monetizing through YouTube.

The event launch that took place in Karachi talked about how YouTube can benefit Pakistanis just the way it did three years ago. For all those trying to emerge through social space, here’s the real catch:

If the content creator uploads his or her original video on YouTube, they can become a partner and start generating money. The partners can also run particular ads in their videos.



YouTube will split the generated revenue and then pay the partners the amount they earn.

This is your chance to make something out of yourself and your talent now!

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