TikToker Zoi Hashmi Lands In A Controversy Over A ‘Leaked Explicit Video’

TikToker Zoi Hashmi video

Zoi Hashmi, 23, who earned massive popularity through TikTok, has landed in a controversy over a leaked explicit video. An alleged indecent video of Hashmi is making rounds on social media. However, the social media personality has not spoken on the matter as of yet.

It seems as though the TikToker and controversies come hand in hand now in Pakistan. Without any exaggeration, almost every other day we see a TikToker making it to the headlines.

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Hashmi has a massive following on social media platforms. Hailing from Islamabad, she has more than 4 million followers on the video-sharing platform.

The TikToker has become the latest prey to leaked video scandal. The alleged video of Hashmi has taken the Internet by storm. We will not be sharing the leaked video clip due to its indecent and explicit nature.

In the video, she can be seen in a hotel room in Islamabad. Unfortunately, social media is trending with the news of Hashmi linked with leaked video controversy. In fact, many users have been claiming that the TikToker was allegedly ‘raped’.

Is it really her in the video?

Although it can literally be anyone in the video, given that people can easily edit the face, and make it look like her, the TikToker has not given any statement as of yet.

Source: Instagram

However, it is not the first time that a TikTok star is viral over some alleged leaked video on social media. Many other Pakistani TikTokers have fallen victim to a breach of privacy. From Minahil Malik to even Jannat Mirza have become victims of alleged leaked viral photos or videos.

Previously, actress and famous TikToker Romaisa Khan also landed in a controversy over an alleged leaked explicit video. However, the social media personality soon confirmed the viral video was fake.

Just last month, another TikToker Aiman Zaman who you might have seen in shows like Hirrat and Soteli Mamta, also fell victim to this obscenity. Subsequently, the Soteli Maamta actor and her fiancé took to social media to clear the air about the controversy. They categorically denied it was them in the viral video. 

While some people fall victim to a breach of privacy, others leak their ‘indecent’ videos themselves for the sake of views and followers. TikTok star Nadeem Mubarak is an example of this, who supposedly leaked a short clip of him in bed with an unknown woman himself.

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