Another Pakistani TikToker Naila Jutt Fakes Her ‘Death’ For Fame & Followers

TikToker Naila Jutt Fakes Death Followers

First of all, let’s start off with who on earth fakes someone’s death only for the sake of views and enhancing followers? The obsession with TikTok is evidently getting out of hand. Yet another famous TikToker Naila Jutt pulled off this very sickening stunt ,fakes her death, and for what, merely for gaining more followers. Yes, you heard that right!

Naila Jutt, a TikToker allegedly faked her own death, and successfully became a trending topic on Twitter. A picture of her seemingly dead has been making rounds on social media.

Source: Instagram

Many were shocked to find out about the sudden demise of the famed TikToker. In fact, it was being said that somebody actually ‘murdered’ her, and ‘she should get justice’. The news became so big that #JusticeForNailaJutt began trending on Twitter.

However, it did not take long for some social media users to dig into the matter and find out the truth. Soon it was revealed that the TikToker is fit as a fiddle, and death did not even brush Naila Jutt as she fakes the whole scene for gaining followers.

In fact, Jutt took it to social media to announce that the rumors are false. Not only that but she also went on to say that her phone stopped working, and she does not even know how this rumor started. Apparently, she does not even know who is using HER Instagram.

Honestly, what a shame!

The lengths these greedy for fame people can stoop to is utterly unimaginable.

Clearly, the girl faked her own death, and social media users were quick to pick on that. Upon doing some research, a lot of evidence emerged regarding how Jutt fooled people into thinking that she was killed.

Here’s a voice note that proves how she planned the entire drama

As it appears, death is a mere joke to this TikToker. According to her, since so many people fake their own death and come back to living, then why can’t she. She possesses an equal right to make a pretense of her death.

However, it seems as though people will do just about anything to gain cheap popularity. With so much going around these days, the public is already on edge and fearing for their safety. It was downright insensitive to fake her own death.

Twittersphere is enraged at Naila Jutt

“These filthy people have made a joke out of death. I already sensed it to be a publicity stunt. They play with people’s emotions.”

“Now even if these people die, do not trust them,” said another Twitter user.

This is not the first time a TikToker has pulled off such a stunt. Looks like she got inspired by Tiktok star Adil Rajput whose wife faked his death. Upon being caught, she did not even admit that she faked it for fame and followers.

Hence proven, almost anything is possible in the world of TikTok. Moreover, the lengths that people go to just for the sake of followers and likes is absolutely absurd. To sum it up, it would suffice to say that TikTok is famous for spreading obscenity.

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