WATCH: How TikToker Marvi Chaudhry Allegedly Killed 17-Year-Old Boy In Islamabad?

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An FIR has been registered against Pakistani TikToker Marvi Chaudhry along with her other accomplices on Friday. According to the sources, the TikTok star was allegedly involved in the murder of a 17-year-old boy named Ali in Islamabad.

As per the details, a complaint was submitted by the father of the victim at Lohi Bher police station in Islamabad. He blamed the TikToker for allegedly killing his son, Ali.

Moreover, it has emerged that during the probe that Chaudhry was in constant touch with Ali prior to his death. In addition to this, she wanted him to work with her. However, Ali refused her offers multiple times.

The FIR said, “Some days ago Ali stopped working. When I asked him, he told me that he does not want to work with Marvi. He also said that she is not a good woman, and does not even pay me.”

Additionally, the FIR alleged that the TikTok star persuaded him for a meeting. It turned out to be their last meet-up as the victim never returned home afterward, and was later found murdered.

“Marvi tried to contact Ali and called him several but he did not go back to work,” Ali’s father wrote in the application. Furthermore, the FIR alleged that the TikToker persuaded him for a meeting, which turned out to be their last meet-up. The victim never returned home afterward, and was later found murdered.

The body was sent for postmortem without informing the family

According to Ali’s family, after the attempted murder, Ali was shifted to the hospital and without informing them, was sent for postmortem. Moreover, the family members of the deceased protested against Chaudhry, and Ahmed, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide justice to Chaudhry as soon as possible.

While speaking to a news reporter, Ali’s mother said it was Chaudhry that came to tell that about his death. Also, there was another girl in the car with her who did not come in front of us. Later, she went to see his son, we was found at the place where autopsy is done. That too, without informing the family.

The mother of the deceased added that her son left home wearing a brand new blue colored T-shirt. However, when they saw him in the autopsy, they found him wearing a black T-shirt. She raised the question as to who changed her son’s shirt. She said, “Is it the police or Marvi?”

Furthermore, she appealed to the prime minister and said that no politician before Imran Khan had claimed to turn Pakistan into a Riyasat-e-Madina. However, she added that she sees no changes. The victim’s mother and other family members plead for justice.

SSP Rural Islamabad confirmed that an FIR has been registered against the TikTok star Marvi Chaudhry. He said that they have sent the sample of the victim’s body to Lahore for a forensic examination to unearth facts.

As per a few sources, the police also found torture marks on Ali’s body. The cause of death will be determined once postmortem and forensic reports become available.

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