This Twitter User Convincingly Shows Why TikTok Must Stay In Pakistan


For a common Pakistani, the most trending entertainment these days is the short video app called TikTok. This video making app is where people show their hidden talents. We all love TikTok videos. Even if they don’t like making the videos ourselves, they sure love watching them. However, time and again, we hear calls to ban the app. People have reasons for demanding the ban.

Recently, we have seen people creating useless and shameful content on their TikTok videos and young boys shooting themselves accidentally while making Tiktok videos.

However, a Twitter user Qasim Farooq shared a long thread showing TikTok is what Pakistan needs the most right now. He started his thread showing the work of TikTok who rose to fame via the app because they were talented. The user showed how TikTok has become a space for promising artists, rappers, singers, doppelgangers and comedians, etc.

“For me, TikTok has great potential as a medium of getting your message across to a larger, grassroots audience. We are living in the information age. Information is power and it precedes change. It depends on those with influence to use this power to spread positive messages,” he wrote in the thread. Farooq started off by saying:

TikTok is a place for 3D make-up artists

Here is a 3D make-up artist on his threat, whose adaptation of Money Heist’s look garnered her a viewing of 1.6 million and 100K likes. WOW!

TikTok is a place for mimicry artists

Farooq shared a mimicry artist’s video who is a farmer from a rural district of Pakistan.

TikTok is a place for after effect & VFX artists

This man from rural Punjab is a big fan of the avengers. His video edits pull an average viewing of 250K with over 2 million likes. OMG!

TikTok is a place for singers

Farooq shared a video of a gola ganda wala, who is also a brilliant singer. Watch him sing here:

TikTok is a place for comedians

TikTok is a place for doppelgangers

In the end, Farooq shared his favorite TikTok video. Enjoy!


Well, Farooq’s Twitter thread is quite convincing. If nicely and purposely done, TikTok can be a great platform for people who want to showcase their skills with limited money and resources.

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