TikTok Rating Dropped To 1.3 Today. Are People Going To Quit The App?

tiktok vs youtube

TikTok is one of the highest-rated social applications.ByteDance company owns the application. Besides, Zhang Yiming founded the company in 2012. However, recently due to some certain and some uncertain reasons the rating of TikTok plummeted sharply.

Currently, the hashtag TikTok exposed and youtube vs TikTok is trending on Twitter and on other social media platforms. The #tiktokexposed controversy revolves around a current set of concerning posts from TikTok users. The posts include a wide range of agitating points: some have cracked gags about sexual activity with juvenile girls and others explicate out-and-out groping of ladies.

The casus belli was a video of TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui that showcased acid attack on women. Besides, TikTok videos depicting physical and sexual violence against women under the genre of comedy. The Faizal Siddiqui acid attack post stirred a huge social media campaign.

Youtube vs TikTok

Another significant reason for the decline in TikTok’s rating is hassle between influencers. As per reports, the saga of youtube vs TikTokers started after the CarryMinati’s youtube video. The video roosted one of the theTikTokers. Consequently, several TikTokers reported the video titled, “YouTube vs. TikTok – The End” which eventually got deleted.

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After that huge battle started between TikTokers and Youtubers. Youtubers started reporting videos on TikTok. Reportedly, the syndicate of youtube video makers started rating TikTok as 1 star which led to a decline in the ratings of the social media app.

The rating of TikTok now stands at 1.3 from around 4.5 percent. Following this Tiktok is facing immense difficulty.

Another reason is as, TikTok is driven by China, and the US has immense followers on the social app; hence, the U.S would not appreciate a Chinese app in their country. Hence, several in the US also wants a decline in the usage of Tiktok.

Witnessing decline in its ratting TikTok tweeted and showcased TikTok’s community guidelines.

This how the  Trend of #tiktokexposed is going on Social media platforms

Simpsons predicted TikTok, really?


Shall China explain?

TikTok Promoting violence shows the trend

TikTok, a Chinese spy?

Although Tiktok has lost its rating, it is not possible that the application will go down. There are more than 1billion users of TikTok across the globe; most of the users reside in South Asia. Hence, the downward turning of TikTok is not possible. However, many are blaming China for the TikTok deed just as they are blaming China for Coronavirus pandemic. One thing is certain that the leading social media application immensely lost ratings due to the zealous campaign against it.

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