Is This How TikTok Stars Will Create Awareness Regarding COVID-19?

WOW! Is This How TikTok Stars Will Create Awareness Regarding COVID-19?

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Since the government’s decision to ease lockdown, the COVID-19 situation has become worse in Pakistan. Apart from the government, people are not taking the necessary precautions. In order to come up with a solution, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar organized a meeting with top Pakistani TikTok stars to help create awareness regarding the rampant virus.

This step also drew severe backlash on social media. Rather than taking any strict preventive measures, the government took help from the TikTok stars.

The governor ensured a serious discussion regarding the pandemic and how our local TikTok stars can play an important role in creating awareness amongst masses. Well, we don’t know how these ‘entertainers’ will create awareness among the people when no one so far is able to give some peace of mind to these senseless Pakistanis.

However, on a lighter note, let’s see how these TikTok stars are planning to spread coronavirus awareness. We have come across a few coronavirus ‘awareness’ videos which leave you rolling on the floor.

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Govt receiving backlash for inviting TikTok stars

Soon after the news broke about Pakistani TikTok stars invited to Governer House for coronavirus awareness drive, netizens came up with their own take on the issue.

Also, in the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decisions regarding tackling the lethal virus are rapidly changing every now and then. More than Pakistani people, our PM seems to be more confused than anyone else.


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