Tik Tok Star Sundal Khattak's Recent Photo Shoot Is Stirring Controversy!

Tik Tok Star Sundal Khattak’s Recent Photo Shoot Is Stirring Controversy!

Sandal Khattak

With the passage of time, the Chinese social application Tik Tok has taken over a major portion of world humans. Currently, having millions of potential users on board, the site has managed to attract a major portion of Pakistanis as well. Among one of them is the infamous Tik Tok star Sandal Khattak who’s recently revealed controversial photoshoot has many in utter dismay.

Tik Tok celebrity Sundal Khattak’s recent photoshoot is going viral for all the wrong reasons!

A close ally of another contentious Tik Toker Hareem Shah, Sandal Khattak has been with her in several unethical activities previously. Last year, in September, the Tik Tok celebrities allegedly harassed politician Fayyaz Ul Chohan after approaching him. Well, this time, it’s Tik Tok star Sandal Khattak whose bold and non-conceptual photoshoot from earlier has sparked an online debate.

Along with a romantic quote in Urdu, Sandal Khattak released her pictures!

After indulging in several political feuds along with her friend Hareem Shah, Sandal Khattak might be shifting her ‘career’ now. With final pictures attached in another post, the Tik Tok star praised Nabil Ahmed, the male model from the shoot and called ‘modeling’ her passion. Particularly, Sandal Khattak captioned, “Nabil Ahmed Khan is a good and big model thanks to modeling with me. Modeling is not my profession but my passion”.

Twitteratis react to Sandal Khattak’s ‘bold’ photoshoot!

Apparently, because of the controversial activities, Sandal Khattak’s friend Hareem Shah has become the talk of the town. Started the Tik Tok ladies posting selfies with Prime Minister Imran Khan which later went viral, it has definitely been an unusual one. Anyways, soon after the pictures went up on the internet, Sandal Khattak landed in a criticism pool and was severely humiliated.

Ye tou hoga!

“Ek gandi machli pooray talaab ko ganda kar deti hai”!

Ye bhi theek hai!

”Mujhay toh aisay laga jaisay chupkili dewar say chimti ho!”

And someone shared Sandal Khattak’s National Identity Card (NIC)’s picture. Well played!

Unfortunately, while Sandal Khattak was busy with her shoot, Hareem Shah’s father lost it all. Earlier this week, Tik Tok star Hareem Shah’s father Zarrar Hussian expressed his feelings regarding his daughter through a video message. Particularly, in the 12-minute viral clip, Zarrar Hussain broke down in tears and continuously asked everyone to forgive him for Hareem Shah’s immoral acts.

Originally Fiza Hussian and commonly known as Hareem Shah has sure spread a lot of chaos in a short span of time. In 2019, well-known Pakistani journalist Mubashir Luqman claimed that the Tik Tok celebrities robbed his private jet. Later, as the news went viral, Hareem Shah along with Sandal Khattak released a video statement ‘rejecting’ the journalist’s claims.

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