Throwback To All The Times When Meesha Shafi Slayed Coke Studio

Here’s A Throwback To All The Times When Meesha Shafi Slayed Coke Studio

The red stage of Coke Studio was set on fire by the powerful performance of Meesha Shafi and Naeem Rufi. Aaya Lariye – the traditional tappa, usually sung by Punjabis at marriage ceremonies, was taken to the next level. The drumbeats created a perfect harmonious aura that gave many of us goosebumps. However, this is not the first time that Meesha mesmerized us with her stellar performance. Moore Bhoole Bhaale Saiyyan of Episode 2 enthralled her followers too.

Meesha Shafi’s journey in Coke Studio started from Season 3 but every performance of hers always had the perfect punch of melody and euphony.  Here is the smorgasbord of her performances with Coke Studio.

Jugni – Arif Lohar and Meesha Shafi (Season 3)

With her first appearance, she caught the attention of many Sufi Music lovers. Her powerful vocals simmered down Arif Lohar’s voice and the result was beyond belief. Jugni has been watched about 27,170,393 times on YouTube.

Ishq Aap Wi Aawala – Chakwal Group And Meesha Shafi (Season 5)

The proof of her versatility lies in the fact that Meesha performed ‘Ishq Aap Wi Aawala’ like she was the part of Chakwal Group. The ballad perfectly balances ishq e haqeeqi and ishq e majazi.

Aes Ishq Ch Yaro, Kuj Kahya Vi Naein Janda, Rola Paya Vi Na Janda , Chup Rahya Vi Naein Janda

Chori Chori – Meesha Shafi (Season 3)

The best part about Coke Studio is that it revitalizes the music of golden era without disturbing the original theme. Chori Chori of Reshma, the Bulbule Sehra was freshened up by Meesha perfectly without disturbing its actual theme.

Dasht e Tanhai – Meesha Shafi (Season 5)

Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s ghazal sung by Iqbal Bano can’t be compared with anyone. Yet, Meesha dared to try and performed it in her signature style. It’s really remarkable that managed to do justice with the song and met Rohail Hayyat’s expectations.

Bhole Bhaale Saiyyan – Meesha Shafi (Season 9)

The fine blend of funky music and naughty lyrics, Bhole Bhaale Saiyyan was an absolute treat.  Meesha did a great job. Her gestures during the song took me by surprise, I was unaware of that color of her personality! My bad!

Though it seemed that she shot to fame in no time, Meesha stressed during an interview with a newspaper that it took her 13 years to reach where she stands today. She also revealed that many people didn’t appreciate her and distanced themselves from her.

“They were obviously not well-wishers and it’s natural, everyone is fighting their own battle and trying to achieve the success they hope for, and luck has a lot to do with all of this.”

Anyhow, we all know people love to criticize others… it’s their favourite ‘time pass’. But we wish her all the best for her upcoming projects! You go girl! Keep slaying it, rockstar!

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