Here are a Few Reasons Why Jinn Enters a Human Body

When it comes to supernatural entities, everyone has a different belief regarding it. Some say they exist and can enter in your body to possess you. There have been numerous cases worldwide where a spirit possesses one’s body. On the hand, there are some people who completely reject the idea of ghosts and spirits let alone them possessing humans in any way.

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Islam accepts the idea of the existence of Jinns or ghosts and has been quoted on several occasions in the Holy Quran. Often people wonder how can someone keep themselves safe from such entities? According to Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (R), there are three ways a Jinn can enter your body;

1. The Jinn Just Doesn’t Like You:

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Jinns are just like humans. They have the freedom of choice in every matter, no matter if it’s a sin or unjust towards others. So it is possible that they just wouldn’t like your face and hence possess you.

2. The Jinn Is In Love With You:

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The Jinn might actually fall in love with you. While watching you naked, they get lustful thus possessing your body because that is the only way they can get you. Women are targeted more because of this reason. This is why it is recommended in Islam to recite Bismillah before you take off your clothes.

3. Unintentionally, You Inflicted Harm Upon The Jinn:

Source: Deen-ul-Haq

Since humans cannot see Jinns through their eyes, one might get harmed because of us and we do not even realize it. For example, if we pour hot water all around the floor, unaware that the Jinn is out there. Vengeance can cause Jinns to harm you by possessing your body. This too can be undone by reciting Bismillah before doing any chore.

Apart from all these reasons, Jinns cannot just enter your body like that. There are four more conditions where you become more easily accessible to such supernatural entities. These conditions are;

1. When you’re excessively angry. You should recite Tauz more often in that case.

2. When you are excessively fearful. It makes you more vulnerable.

3. When you do not pay much attention to matters. Excessive heedlessness makes you accessible to Jinns.

4. When you are too much lustful, especially while you’re watching intimate scenes or pornography.

Here’s a complete video of the explanation:

These are the aspects that we need to be careful of if we want to stay protected and safe from such entities and their terror.

May we all stay safe and with the blessings of Allah Subhan-O-Ta’ala always.

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