Thoughts Every Desi Student And Employee Has Before Monday Comes!

No matter how studious you are or how much you love your job, everyone needs a break – a break that has to be of more than just two days. Especially when you are juggling between your job and education, a workaholic person usually tires off.

When ‘We want a day between Saturday and Sunday’ posts start filling your Facebook timeline, that is when you realize the deadly thought you had been ignoring the entire weekend is coming true: It is Monday tomorrow.

1. “Why Didn’t I Do This Work Earlier?” – When You Have To Do All The Pending Assignments And Quizzes

Sunday is the day you realize about all the upcoming quizzes you have to prepare for and the entire list of pending assignments you didn’t do on Saturday. One day is not enough. Literally not enough…

2. “Why??!!??” – Procrastination At Its Peak

Crying, whining. Whining, crying. Staying in denial. Not willing to do any work. Panicking about due work. Crying over deadlines. Thinking of all the excuses you can make to boss/teacher on Monday.

3. “Whose Death Should I Fake To Skip Class/Work Tomorrow?

We have all done this at least once in our lives when we were in school. It doesn’t stop us now when we are not in the mood of checking for work or for class tomorrow. We may or may not do this, but the thought always comes to our mind. Don’t you deny that.

4. “Why Did I Spend The Entire Weekend Watching Movies and Series?

Weekend is the time you think you have in your hands to enjoy whatever you like. However, your workplace or your school won’t leave your a**. They’ll give you tonnes of work you need to turn in. Yep, you didn’t do. That’s how it rolls.

5. “Who Needs Money And Education? I Need To Get Married Now!!!

Thoughts every desi woman has had once (or maybe way more than once) while studying or going for work. We get so consumed by working that we literally want to end everything there and then and marry someone who will start paying the bills.

6. “NO!”

Whenever we think about about Monday, our minds just keep saying “no, no and no”. The synonym for Monday must be no. We hate Mondays. Everyone hates Monday.

Can we just skip Monday and the rest of the 4 weekdays and just have the weekend again?


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