This Woman Lost Her World In The Karsaz Blast And Will Never Get It Back

This Woman Lost Her World In The Karsaz Blast And Will Never Get It Back

18 October 2007

How can we ever forget this day? Like many other PPP followers, it was one of the most memorable days of our lives. Some celebrated, some overjoyed but me? This day left me with eternal grief that can never heal.

My husband was a worker in a private firm. Within low income we were spending our life soundly in Larkana with our 3 children till Bibi, Benazir Bhutto announced the date of her arrival to Pakistan after self imposed exile of 7 years.

 My husband, as a die-hard fan of Bhutto family packed his bag, took some food and left for Karachi. I still remember his last words “mujhe tu ab TV per he dekhna” which turned out to be real:


Source: PakistanScandals

As Bibi reached Karachi, a warm welcome embraced her presence. A specially designed truck surrounded with huge crowd, it was magical. I was watching the whole procession just to see my husband.

They Took My Life Away

But everything, within seconds, changed. The entire scene turned worst when there was the blast that took away everything. Within seconds, Bibi was shifted from location, but the other victims were left unattended. Soon the rescue teams reached at spot. I started recitation of Ayat ul Kursi for safety of my husband. But God wasn’t on my side. He died.

I moved to Karachi with my children where some of my relatives helped me to restart my life. They were unaware of how difficult it is for me and my children who were left on the mercy of Allah.


Source: Dawn

Yes, we survived. Yes, my sons are uneducated and work as a labour. Yes, I married my daughter with Zakaat. Yes, I lost everything. But I won’t blame Bibi for that. It was PPP ministers who announced incentives for martyrs and fulfil their promises. It was her husband who completed his tenure and never spoke a word about Karsaz blast. It is her son now who is going to celebrate Salam Shuhada Day. 

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