This Woman Is Fighting for Her Daughter’s Custody After Her Husband Abducted Her & Fled to India

Talk about adverse circumstances where the world is crumbling around you while you seem helpless. You cannot begin to comprehend how many people feel that way. You find yourself at loss of words for these people because nothing seems to mend their pain. One such individual is this woman who’s giving it all just so she could hold her daughter back in her arms.

How does it feel to be the mother who’s center of happiness is her own children and when it is taken away from her?

It does match as worse as breaking a person apart till they no longer have a sense of anything. You feel frightened to even mention keeping hope to them.

Nadia, a woman residing in Amsterdam has taken the leap to share her tragic tale. She married an Indian businessman who appeared to reflect all the good things any kind and loving man would in the first place. It was until after their marriage certain events unfold, the real character and conduct of her husband revealed which made Nadia’s life a living hell.

Nadia has managed to curb the strength and desire to share what she is struggling with. We consider it liable on us to spread the word.

Here is how it goes:

Narcissist is a small word for such kind of a person.

We cannot begin to imagine how much strength and bravery this woman possess. After all, she has resorted to hope and is determined to fight.

It’s harder to keep pushing in our struggles, sailing the storm, counting days after days with only hope keeping it all together, waiting and being patient for the day when it all shall be of worth.

Nadia is suffering from the abuse that a large number of women in our society suffer from. It can happen to anyone regardless of where they belong to and who they are. It not only happens in primitive societies but also modern cultures where such human behavior is hard to predict.

Certain character traits are a breeding ground for such behaviors in some men of our society. It also leads to a mindset that we all wish to cease. It is insensitivity, barbarism, and intolerance that may exist in anyone through cognitive conditioning.

But Nadia is a flare of hope for all those who are dealing with such adversities. Her dedication, strength and how she is still hopeful to make it all through is certainly deserving of high praise. She sets an example as she deals with the catastrophe in her life.

We wish and pray for all strength she could find facing this calamity. We hope she succeeds in her efforts and gets hold of her daughter once again.

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