This Version of Rashke Qamar Is Nothing Like You Have Ever Listened Before!

Rashke Qamar, a master class by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan rose to immense popularity once again after it was incorporated as one of the songs of mega-hit Bollywood movie, Raees. The original song holds a mighty significance among NFAK fans around the world and it’s easy to say, nothing can ever compare or replace the original version.

It has been one of the most played tracks this year and followed remixes, recreations and what not… But how about we introduce a version of the very song that you have never heard. Many versions followed as an attempt to create and what looks like dragging the whole original song itself. We came across a parody of Rashke Qamar and my word, I must mention it totally blew me away.

So, listen to it… Bet it would never be the same for you again!

Mere Rashke Pe Char by Asghar Khoso

Mere Rashke pe Char | Official Video | Asghar Khoso | New Comedy Song

Gepostet von Ghulam Asghar am Sonntag, 16. Juli 2017

And the award for the best parody in 2017 goes to…

Oh God, what have they done? It’s a challenge not to laugh all the way through. But how can you control it! Some people are really talented when it comes to parodies. And people on the Internet think it is better than the original version, WOW. I swear you ladies would think about this song every time you board a rickshaw. Not the first time Ghulam Asghar steals the show. He keeps on coming with such epic content and giving us a big laugh. So many recreated versions and someone had to come up with a parody.

What do you guys say about it? Do you like this parody?

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