This Supposed Picture Of A Churail In Hyderabad Is Trending Everywhere On Social Media

If you are a kid who grew up in a desi Pakistani household, you must have grown up listening to ghost stories. A ghost story is a must in every sleepover at your friend’s place or whenever all your cousins meet up. Supernatural entities are still a mystery for everyone. What to believe and what not to believe is the real dilemma.

Source: Facebook

Recently, a picture went viral all over the Social Media of a ‘supposed’ churail sitting on a rooftop in Hyderabad. It seems like that apparent ghost is of a little girl. The picture was also shared by Faakhir Mehmood on his official Facebook account, asking his followers if the picture is authentic or not.

You can see people mocking this picture in the comments. They think that the churail is obviously from the 21st century and is aware of the paparazzi she is receiving. Hence, she is seen posing calmly and giving it her best shot. Or she must be a homeless kid who is just sitting on a rooftop causing all the chaos. Have a look at people’s comments on the picture:

Have a look at what people had to say about this apparent churail who’s been posing calmly for everyone else to take her photos.:

Source: Facebook

Even though people seldom take supernatural existence seriously, yet it is somehow a very peculiar concept. There are people who reject this concept completely, others may believe in them or have experienced them in some way or the other. There are no definite answers to these questions though.

As far as only this picture is concerned we cannot say anything definite. Perhaps its just a hoax to fool others or it could be an authentic picture. However, if it is the latter scenario, there is still no proof or verification from anyone as yet.

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