This Student Shares The Harsh Reality Of What Happens In Universities

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A group of students ranting about their day that how they skipped that quiz, got late to that class making their attendance short, how they did blunders in that presentation, and it ruined their day because the teachers were not kind enough to spare them for these minor mistakes. A student crying on that corner bench, because he is not permitted to give an exam, just because she managed to raise her point in front of his class.

A student running behind his teacher, pleading to fix his marks and getting nothing but cold stares in return. The crowd at the print shop, hustle, and bustle in the departments; a constant stress in the air. These, my friends are the everyday scenes of a normal, Pakistani university.

Source: Daily Pakistan

University, a place where you make or break yourself, a place where you enter with countless expectations, a place you leave with countless memories. But what happens there with a normal Pakistani student during this whole period of expectations and memories? No one exactly knows but that student. Getting a degree from a prestigious university has become a need now.

Source: RS-Tech

The students from all around the country try to get into a good university because why not? They need a good degree in order to get a job to turn their lives into something ‘acceptable’ for the society. The uncanny standards of this society, the continuous towering pressure from the family is so unbearable that you have to have a good degree.

You have set these standards for a successful life and you constantly torture your students mentally and physically or if I sugar coat it, you pressurize your students to get their degrees with nice grades but you don’t tell them that it’s not only the degree they’d be needing in their practical life, it’s their skills that matter, it’s about what they have ‘learned’ and not about what they have ‘memorized’.

You are not fulfilling your responsibility of being a person who is shaping the future of their country if you are not making them fit for the society not only in terms of a degree but in a term of having a sense of responsibility, having a faith bigger than anything else, having an entrepreneur mind.  And above all being capable enough that if by any means, they’d not be able to get a job, they’d be able to stand up, do wonders and create jobs!

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