This Student Opened Her Book to Study For Only 0.5 Seconds & We Can Relate To It

Exams, courses, books, classes, you just can’t bear it all as a student. You definitely need a break from all but it seems possible during this phase of your life.

Your first day at school and you have all the motivation in the world. You make the right choices, keep yourself from procrastination and most importantly, you study for hours. But then life happens and there you are, caught off guard.

Many students around the world are having exams right now. It is the time when we all have our nerves taking a toll on us and we scramble for anything we can do to save our semester.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Save your semester, guys, get your 12 am RedBull extravaganza rolling and conquer the odds!

You must be preparing for yours and scrolling down, procrastinating every bit of time you have got and eventually making a sacrifice. We have all been there, we have all done it.

But enough is enough, we have had enough of turning pages after pages, scrolling down our phone’s screen with books opened right before us.

This girl realizes it; she has had enough and she simply admits she doesn’t care.

As you can see what’s happening here. Don’t we all resonate with her?

She reportedly was “studying” for her A-levels Biology mock exam the next day, tells Buzzfeed India.

People were losing it on reactions to this girl’s act of studying only for 0.5 seconds.

That’s exactly how exam weeks are pictured. We may not open our books for only 0.5, we rather let them stay open for hours and hours and only look at them for about 0.5 seconds. We are there somewhere, aren’t we?

Every student has felt the same when their professors slam test papers on their desks and they can’t seem to make sense out of anything they’re are asked to do. It can also be relatable when a Maths equation goes way beyond their capability to comprehend and begin solving it. Not to forget all those times when a student had to put up with a minor course and battles that came with it.

Next time you feel like not studying in your attempt of pulling an all-nighter, instead of wasting hours and hours, save time, do a 0.5-second glimpse and be prepared to face the consequences.

Do you know any student to have done something like that and had to face the imminent consequences it brought?

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