This Story Of A Cab Driver Threatening His Customer Will Leave You Scared!

This Story Of A Cab Driver Threatening His Customer Will Leave You Scared!

With the launch of multiple cab app services, mobility around Karachi has become easier for those who can’t drive or don’t have a car. With two leading cab services co-existing, there has been a positive effect on the competition, and ultimately, the prices.

But with all the pros come a hefty bunch of cons that we, as well as the company, must focus on. It is only with that kind of focus that a correction in the errors is possible.

In a recent Facebook post, a consumer of these app services shed light on a disturbing situation that she had to allegedly face. She says;

“For an 18 year old girl who lives in karachi this threat is not just a threat to me but every person that travels in these cars and has become their mode of transport. Every time I’ll get out of my coaching I’ll fear if he’s standing outside. I’ll be scared if he’ll track my number and come to my house. I know a lot of people will think how can my parents allow me to go alone and blame them for whatever happened or me to be stupid enough to travel alone at 7:30 in the evening with a strange man but why don’t we see its the man at fault who thought it was correct to call me names and then threaten to find me. My gender is not assigned to travel with someone whenever I have to go somewhere. No one has the right to say it’s my fault when I only wanted to reach home safely.”

Cab services need better and thorough background checks

It seems that the only way this can be completely avoided is if the service providing companies run thorough background checks on their drivers and there is quicker and more efficient law enforcement in case of similar violations to safety.

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