This Song Perfectly Depicts The Passion Of Football In Lyari Which Needs Our Attention!

There lie a strong passion and inexplicable talent of football among the locals of Lyari town in Karachi. We have been hearing a lot about how people of Lyari are fond of football and nearly everyone you come across can portray mind boggling skills which make you wonder if they were born with such intricate abilities.

In reality, a normal person would require hours and hours of practice to perfect the particular skill set, whereas, people here in Lyari are God-gifted and will astonish you with what they can do with a football.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a child or an adult, just give them a football and they will amaze you.

Source: BBC News

Source: BBC News

The poverty struck Lyari, where chaotic law and order situation has been the norm for years, still has many good things about it, one of which is the passion for football among people. Along with the passion for music, rap in particular.

If you’re in Pakistan and follow football, you must have heard people telling you about how players of Lyari are extremely talented, just as professional footballers.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Source: Manchester Evening News

We are ardent proponents of the idea that people of Lyari basically need a voice, a recognition of their talent and selection criteria which is based on merit. Unfortunately, the craze for cricket has overshadowed this particular aspect and Lyari is still unheard.

But now it seems like people of this town have stood up for themselves.

‘Players of Lyari’ is the song that has been produced by Patari. Check it out; I am sure you will not help but hum along tune…

The song has a catchy tune along with a very strong message.  We believe if a proper system and opportunities are scaled for people of Lyari, they could be relieved of the haggard living conditions and mayhem going around in the area.

They have immense potential that can be utilized for good. Pakistan can really have a strong tenacity in football if the talent among people here is valued.

Source: soccerpak -

Source: soccerpak –

This song is just a reflection of passion among the people of Lyari, there is much more to see. Should the day come when these people are handed out opportunities, we shall see a drastic change and drop in the languishing circumstances people find in their lives in this area.

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