“Log Kia Kahengay!” – This Society And Its Haunts

log kia kahengay

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 This article was originally submitted by Isbah Amjad

“Words are such gross machinery, so primitive and ambiguous.”

In other countries, they have their own behemoth and monstrosity, but here; in Pakistan, we have a different way to strike people`s heart with terror and fear; the monster “LOG” and their mighty weapon “BAATEIN”.

Who amongst us can claim not to have been terrorized by “Logon ki Batein”? I think, no one in our society is unhurt from this air of terror, fear and depression. Whenever you had decided to fulfil your dream, there was a lingo “Log Kia Kahengay”.

Whenever a girl wants to get higher studies or wants to marry after 23, there is a line; to ruin her dreams “Log Kia Kahengay”

Whenever your son wants to do love marriage; as it is his life, and right too but there is “Log Kia Kahengay.”

The words that had killed more dreams than failure.

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Unfortunately, I’m a daughter of that society where; the daughter is a blessing but no one takes her as a blessing. A daughter is a gate to Jannah, but no one takes care of that daughter. No one even takes stand for that blessing. There are hundreds and thousands of times; when a girl just says ‘YES’ to your questions, just for the sake of happiness of their parents – even she wants something else. So, when she wants to fulfil her dreams or wants to do something, there is a title; ready there to ruin her dream park, that is “Log Kia Kahengay”.

Even not just your daughters but if your son wants to be a musician or an artist; this line is so powerful it can tatter his dreams too. In our society it a rule or ‘farz’ that if a man crosses 40, he has to wear; shalwar kameez and a prayer cap, but if he wants to wear pant shirt; or something else, this line can even make him think once; that may I fulfil my dreams or not.

I, myself have a box of dreams but I know that; when I will take a step towards fulfilling them, the answer will be “Log Kia Kahengay”! But I think now we have to make ourselves come out of this jargon; and be strong and irrevocable to fulfil our dreams. No one will appreciate you – yes people can definitely pull you down and degrade you, but you should be confident; enough to make people quiet just by your work and deeds.

Are you aware of how many people suffer from depression because of this line?

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Have you ever thought once that many of our sisters never join their respected fields; just because of the fear of ‘LOG’

I think a day will come when we will have to think even before taking a breath or someone will say SANS MAT LO LOG KIA SOCHENGAY”

The interesting thing is that we didn`t need any monster or colossus to make our society fearful and depressed; just say “LOG KIA KAHENGAY” and that’s it! Your dreams are shattered, your heart is broken. Simple!

This is the line which makes us feel like people are present everywhere; they watch every step we take and can see our deeds. The truth is if the perception would be “ALLAH KIA KAENGAY” or ALLAH is watching; every single step and deed of ours, I think many people would start doing good things, and most; of the things and people, would be changed. This is the rule of people; they will see or calculate your every step, and your deeds but never “Sweep before their own door.”

I hope that people can make themselves realize that because of their negative gossips and expression, there are many who degrade themselves. Today, the world is ruining, humans are leaving so soon. Why? Because of some people and their so-called taunts. So, it is bespeaking to please think before you speak because many people are mentally depressed and mentally ill just because of their taunts.

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Many people do suicidal acts and people go through many traumas and depression just because of some people`s behaviour. So please, don’t judge a book by its cover, if someone is laughing, please let them laugh. If anyone is wearing western or eastern, let them wear what they want. If anyone does a second marriage, it is purely their decision, because of your taunts they will not change their decision, so let them live their lives. So kindly let people do what they want, because, your kind words make someone`s life better and pleasant.

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“Kindness in words creates confidence,

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness, and

Kindness in giving creates love.

Finally, I want to request everyone to spread love and respect everyone. Be kind to everyone and support them in fulfilling their dreams. As it is stated by the Holy Prophet SAW, “Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.”

And don`t worry about what people say behind your back, they are the people who are finding faults in your life instead of fixing the faults in their own life. So, be confident and let them judge you. Have faith in  The Divine Being.

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