This School In Rawalpindi Misbehaved With My Mother For All The Wrong Reasons

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I’ve lived all my life in Rawalpindi and haven’t changed schools much. I changed my school for the first and last time and went to Roots School System and become a fan of it. I spent around 5 years there and had the time of my life.

My brother tried to follow my footsteps and failed in the process. While he was struggling, teachers from Roots resigned and opened their own school “Benchmark” in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Obviously, knowing that this school had the best faculty in town we all we were eager to get my brother into ‘Benchmark’ and thus he was there.

I was always an average student and got pretty decent grades in my O and A levels. However, my brother always has been an outstanding student. We all knew he would beat all of my siblings and me, obviously. Why wouldn’t he? He had the best teachers in the town all under one roof. He didn’t have to go through the hassle of taking tuition. I honestly felt like he was blessed.

Eventually, his result day was here. His expected grades were A’s and that wasn’t the result. We were disappointed. He managed to get really decent grades but not A’s. The owner, also his teacher promised us that his paper will be sent to rechecking and he satisfied us for 3-4 months that his grades will be changed.

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Since September, my mom has been visiting Benchmark to know if there’s any progress. There is no person who would attend parents except for a receptionist who knows nothing (LITERALLY).

My mother was informed that the teachers will meet her if she had an appointment with them. She took appointments and yet no teacher would show up. Today she went again and the receptionist said “aap se ab koi nai mele ga. Aap please jaein”. This is not how parents should be treated!! My mother was visiting because she was genuinely concerned. Later she received a call from the school that she shouldn’t visit the school again and that my brother’s grades won’t be changed.

Source: The Hind

Trust me, I’m not even disappointed that his grades aren’t changing. That wasn’t in the school’s control obviously, but what the school and the administration could do was to give students and their parents some respect. No institution, teacher, or no principal has the right to insult parents!!

Anyway, I’m going to get to the point now. If you want the betterment of your kids, just don’t send them to Benchmark. It’s an awful school with no administration. You get amazing teachers under the same roof who have no idea how to run a school. Management is important. You need staff to manage your school. And if you don’t have management, don’t run a school and ruin a child’s future, please.

I respect these teachers from the bottom of my heart because they all were my teachers too. But, unfortunately, they don’t know how to respect parents.

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