This Rendition Of “Pani Ka Bulbula” Will Leave You Pleasantly Surprised!

Even though it’s not fairly common, it is loved and adored by everyone who has heard it as one of the best pieces of art produced in the country. This Punjabi rap borders Nihilism to a certain extent and talks about how fragile this life, and consequentially, this world is!

Chaar dina di duniya e

Kuj khale pi le mauj uda

Kuj khale pi le mauj uda

Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa

Sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa

Paani da bula bula 

Although, there have been multiple renditions of this genius work, a recent video of this policeman singing to the rhythm of his own hands on his table is another level of talent!

Where it all began

And although most of the 90s kids will not remember this, it has the same nostalgic feeling of those exclusive PTV days. Sung by Yaqoob Aftab originally, presenting to you, the first recording of the song:

Popular Covers

The song, adored by its upbeat melody and its contrasting mellow lyrics, has been covered by multiple singers throughout. The one that stood out is this rendition in the critically acclaimed Pakistani production “Zinda Bhaag”

And in case it did not pass through your eyes

Coke Studio covered this song 2 years ago. Abrar ul Haq with the collaboration of the in house musicians did a fantastic job honoring this beautiful composition!

What do you think?

Of all the renditions, which one is your favorite? What do you think about the lyrics? Let us know!

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