This Recent Hashtag On Twitter Has Got Many Pakistanis Speaking Their Hearts Out Against Cyber Bullying And It Is Shocking!

Social media has now taken over the world and majority of the people now seem to be addicted to it. Social media has indeed made life easier for all walk of lives. From a toddler to any old age human. With social media and the increasing amount of technology, not just the normal life but businesses are getting an immense amount of help which wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Since almost everyone is now seen on social media, from a layman to a businessman; social media tends to influence life in a manner that people can’t neglect it. Scientists have researched the psychological effects of using social media to the extent that Facebook likes on a personal profile of anyone can boost the “dopamine” which is a hormone for happiness.

Recently, some twitteratis got this hashtag trending #SayNoToCyberBullying and it woke up many people from their deep slumber and made them realize how much damage has been done and now is the time to eradicate it!

These people used the hashtag to voice their opinion about the issue

It is a basic rule when we give remarks about something on the internet!

Rather than calling it immature behavior, bullying is now a selective behavior of many!

Raise the voice to let the people know that it’s completely not okay!!

Is it so? And if that’s the case, then why?

And suicide because of objectification!

Let’s have some control over this widespread hate!

It’s no more a place for light-hearted content!


How hard it to just not be hateful. If you don’t like something, scroll up!! It really not that hard, try for once. You’ll feel less burdened and others will be saved from the remark.

What do you guys think?

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